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Rog Chakram A Best Gaming Mouse Review

Rog Chakram

Today we will take a look at Rog Chakram a very unique mouse with a joystick, among other additional features. Overall, it is a well-executed mouse, but we will also focus on its flaws because, at a price of 160 US dollars, it should offer a very good experience to become a reasonable purchase. Hey guys, I’m Siddhartha, and let’s get started. You definitely get a very special unpacking experience with this mouse. It comes in a big box, and after greeting with the mouse, you get a very nice zippered carrying case, even the logo on ROG is its slider, then you get an accessory box that contains two replaceable Omron switches and joysticks and tweezers. Then you get this plastic piece that you can customize to add your personalized logo. You get a Type C braided cable, a type C USB A female adapter, then you get stickers and badges in a normal ROG way, a manual, then, of course, we also have to pull out the mouse. The USB receiver is fixed inside the mouse body, which is quiet, and this ROG logo piece can also be replaced with the white piece shown earlier. The Shape of the disease cycle is the best I’ve tried on just one mouse.

Rog Chakram

I also tried other Asus mice, and they were also good, but on this mouse, they caught it perfectly, and I think it should stand well in the hands of different sizes. The mouse doesn’t have a rubberized coating that you get with other high-end mice, but the plastic used here is really good, and I think they used it instead of rubber to lose weight. At 121 grams, it’s certainly not lightweight, but as a Logitech g604 user, I found a difference of 14 grams to make this weight quite light, and I feel how it fits in my hand and how it slides on my mouse pad. The default RGB effect on this is very jumpy compared to extremely smooth ARGB on the low-budget Lightsync G102, which is not great. So I hope they fix it with a firmware update, even if it’s not so bad because you can easily change colors in the software and it looks good, streamed through its translucent body. The mouse has a very modular design, and you can actually open and close it in a very quiet way when different parts snap together using magnets.

Now it is a simple way to combine this mouse, but it is very fun to do, and it is also useful because you do not need to use a screwdriver to insert or remove anything. One of the biggest advantages for Asus mice is that they are easily replaceable micro-switches, so you can try different switches that suit you best, but most importantly, if this mouse develops double-click problems, which usually happens with all brands, you can easily replace them in less than a minute, especially on this mouse, which will extend the life of this mouse a lot, and I have a designer of pointless double-click mice, so every brand has a lot of problems. for this feature should copy. The mouse buttons are very good, and the spring and hinge mechanism cannot be shown because you can click this button anywhere, even on the extreme rear, and it will record the click. The scroll wheel is also very good, the average click is good, the steps are easy to feel and it is a light scroll wheel so you can easily scroll up and down quickly.

Rog Chakram

The mouse has two programmable buttons onside, they are touching and require only the right amount of force for activation, even if they differ from each other for some reason. There is also a joystick on the side, and it can be programmed to use either as 4 separate buttons, or it can be used in analog joystick mode, which we will talk about in a moment. Now a little further than the joystick is the point where you hold your thumb, so you need to reach it, which is not a problem for me as a person who has relatively large hands, but for people with small hands, you may need a change in the way you hold the mouse. Now at first, I thought that they should put it in a more accessible position on this mouse to make it easier to use, but the problem with this is that it creates problems when you want to play FPS games since the joystick could interfere with the natural grip of the mouse.

Hybrid grip and palm grip work best on this mouse, and the claw grip may work, but it will be difficult to reach the joystick and you will have to press the click button on the back. You can also change the height of the joystick button because you get another big one in the box, and if you don’t, you can also replace it with this plastic part and it will flush it to the surface and feel like it never existed. You also have pairing and DPI buttons at the bottom with a power switch, and you can also use it to set it to Bluetooth mode, which is very useful when used with a TV/laptop or phone without using an adapter. You can use the DPI button in combination with additional side buttons and scroll wheel buttons to switch between the 3 embedded profiles you have on this mouse that can work without software.

But unlike their Gladius II mouse that had the DPI button at the top, so you can do it in an instant, this position of the DPI button requires you to lift the mouse and then change it in a strange way, which is a serious blow for those who quickly change their profile for various games or software. The mouse charges quickly in 15 minutes during 12 hours of play, and it also supports Qi wireless charging so you can use any of these wireless chargers, or use a gamepad with Qi wireless charging. As for the sensor, they didn’t name this model, but a Google search tells you that it’s Pixart’s claw 3335, it goes up to 16000 DPI, and it can track very fast speeds, so for games, you’re not really going to be limited by it. Also, this mouse is suitable for a variety of games, but again, it is not a very light mouse, so even if I find it light enough for FPS games, your playing style may be more suitable for some in it.

Rog Chakram
Rog Chakram

Asus has improved the aesthetics of its arsenal in terms of software, and also allows you to control other Asus devices in your system, which I appreciate, but the Arsenal case still does not offer all the functionality of the old ROG Arsenal software, so you still have to use it for some things like adding profiles to individual software for automatic switching. Auto-switching works fine, but the 3 profiles are slightly limited, and the mouse also does not return to the default profile like Logitech software, so it could have been improved. The software does not allow you to do things like set the repeating scroll wheel function on the joystick, so if you want to roll up and down, you have to do it by setting it to scroll with the arrow keys, which does not always work, but what I’m going to do in a moment is to fix it.

Want from. Now the main reason to be interested inhouse, of course, is the joystick, so it’s important to know how useful it is. This can be very useful if you have a use case, but if you want extra buttons on your mouse and use the joystick to activate the buttons, it’s a bit fine and the buttons work better than the joystick for button purposes. For example, in the new flight simulator, the joystick works very well, and you can just use it instead of using a gamepad, which is really an amazing feature to have on a mouse. The analog stick is not as good or accurate as something like the joystick on the PS4 controller, but it is still good for such an implementation. While Asus software is well used, it is detected on paper, which is software that maps gamepad buttons to mouse and keyboard actions.

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