A driver changing the lane and then got hit by a crazy driver. Isn’t that a common scene that we get to see in movies often but that’s just not a fiction thing, it happens in real life and in that the people involved in the accident do get hurt and bruised and sometimes die in accidents, unlike the movie where nothing happens to the hero even after falling from a 20-floor building?

The UAE is known for fast sports cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and many more. Owning that triggers that road rage inside of you and you know what happens next. You drive recklessly on the street and the chances of getting into an accident increases, thereby.

To raise awareness and warn people about road rules the Ajman police posted a video on their social media account which is about a motorist changing lanes and smashed into other vehicles while doing so.

The police said sudden deviation meaning changing lanes quickly without checking if there is any other vehicle is one of the major causes of such accidents and the consequences are either death or permanent disabilities.

The leading causes of traffic identified by the Ajman police are changing lanes and wrong overtaking in the emirate. Police have insisted motorists take care while changing lanes and follow safety rules. They also informed people of the penalty they will be charged for violating traffic laws. According to Article 86 of the Traffic law, a vehicle that does not follow traffic rules will be fined Dh400.

The police have further urged citizens to cooperate with traffic officers and follow all rules to ensure their safety and the safety of others. The surveillance cameras are there to monitor violations of the laws like jumping the red light crossing the intersection at a high speed.
Moreover, lane violations have been photographed and monitored.


Ajman police urged motorists to stay in their lanes and should not change the direction towards the left or right before intersections. All drivers must follow the road signs and stay in their lane and can change it only if they are allowed to.


Brigadier-General Khalid Muhammad Al Nuaimi, Deputy Director-General of Police Operations at Ajman police reported that the death rate in accidents has decreased by 33 percent in 2020. On the other hand, serious traffic accidents have decreased by 45 percent contributing to the goal of the Ministry of Interior. It has strengthened road security. 

Brigadier Al Nuaimi identified the causes of most of the accidents were over-speeding, being distracted in the road, wrong overtaking, and not maintaining a safe distance between other vehicles.


In a nutshell, driving is a privilege and one should respect it and abide by all traffic rules. This way they not only ensure their safety but also other people’s safety. The government is making safe and easy traffic rules and the citizens must abide by them otherwise they will be penalized or if they get into an accident the consequences could be severe.