Samsung Galaxy A51 Honest Review-Under $500

The answer to this question is the Samsung Galaxy A51 company for the mid-range smartphone market in 2020 now, you call on last year at about the same time, I had a chance to check out the Legalaxy A50, which was this guy predecessor, it had a good display the battery life was also very good, and, most importantly, it was priced at $ 350, in some cases, you get it back to, the A50 was one of the best selling smartphones in the world competing with Apple iPhones convey a strong message that most people just don’t care about having the fastest flagship smartphone because you know they just want to sell some basic, marketing points they don’t want to use as one million features that brands launch 1000phones on their phones the price of $ 51 is $ 399, so it’s a premium $ 50 premium content over the Galaxy A50 when its launch, but these phones are going to be sold at sales events and all that’s worth. can be picked up for short time depending on the goods, So that being said there was an agreement to be made by these brands to get that price and this definitely affects the overall user experience. The problems I had with the A50 were many performance cameras that were the biggest especially compared to the Pixel 3A, which was in its price range, so hasmson addressed or happy at least tried to rectify some of these problems of the A50 with the A51.

Samsung Galaxy A51

There is a slipstreamhyper fast wireless technology check it below, Properly then there is a physical aspect, they have not done any major changes, you still have metal side railings with a plastic backrest, just like the a50, so it is not a scratch-resistant glass backrest, but it is less like glass to crack, which is beneficial if I were you, I just flipped a case so that the screen gets a little upgrade, I mean it’s not enough, but they made it like a modern flagship smartphone. So they detail the screen 0.1 inches eliminated notch on the A50 and when an infinite O design or in other words you toggle the A50 on the same AMOLED display also a perforated camera they use the same resolution I will be because you have stacked extra pixels, this screen expansion and whether it has a high refresh rate, it does not support more than 10, It looks as good as a flash your smartphone and I appreciate the fact that it’s still a flat-screen without any curves performance is the most important factor of any smartphone and I’m glad that Samsung didn’t cut corners here, unfortunately, Samsung I would have liked to have a dual speaker setup on the a51 which has been a good upgrade on the A50 but we don’t realize that with this phone but on, we still have a dual speaker setup on it.

headphone jack yes, Remember this guy 3.5 millimeter thing I’m glad they still camped its fingerprint sensor is still here on the screen, unfortunately, just like the A50, I didn’t have the best chance to deny manage to unlock the device, unlocking it four times, then the fifth time it works fine in some cases it locks and asked me to try in 30 seconds, so I have to force myself to use the scan pattern, which is the other way to unlock the device, I mean Pixel 3A and so on. of course I had a better relationship with the S20 which is much more expensive, But I really want to know your thoughts about it. Would you rather have a cheap smartphone on a screen or fingerprint sensor rather than a dedicated one on the back that is really easily accessible and something that works most of the time because I think it’s definitely one of the areas that look like a hit or a hit on a lot of mid-range smart, but I’m curious to know the rest of the features is.

Well, nothing new compared to the A50, they have always kept a microSD card slot for storage expansion, which I am sure many of you will appreciate if there is no support for wireless charging and it does not even have an official IP rating that makes sense because these certificates and technologies specifications are also quite similar for most of the time compared to the A50, this hasun X notes 96 compared to the 11 x notes 96 10, but these SoCs are essentially the same, except that you can record video in high resolution, They also note the same amount of RAM that in some areas, Samsung offers with six to eight gigabytes of RAM, which should be of great help performance the storage also remains the same the size of the battery has not changed so perhaps my biggest frustration is the performance of this phone with now, let me be completely transparent with you as a content creator, I have the chance to get my hands on the most recent flagship smartphone with the sharpest specs and all the bells and whistles that come with the package, I have a somewhat higher refresh rate, more faster RAM etc.

Samsung Galaxy A51

impressed with the screen. At the same time, the switch to the A51 almost seems like I had to swap the Alamgir for the eight Toyota Yaris which makes sense. Instagram to start things like basic Gmail might have to load at least two to three seconds to Spotify, YouTube, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but I mean it was Twitter and Instagram feed through jittery scrolling a flash smartphone, it’s really easy to do a lot because if you use Google hold a few seconds to have taken on the page, you’ll have to be really patient to load the content. Multitasking performance is also not the biggest and there is a good reason why my sample comes with 4 gigabytes of RAM and my average usage is around 3 gigabytes, which really pushes the boundaries of this phone. Now it has some solutions, you can enable the development options through the settings and then reduce the animation speed or turn it off completely, which should immediately give full help. This should remove the jitter you experience with this phone when you set it out of the box so keep in mind that the content still takes time to load and it also doesn’t help in memory management as much as I want to say that the specs don’t matter on the phone these days.,

It kind of does it on the A51 because with this phone running Android 10 Samsung’s unique user interface and this is exactly the same software experience you will get with over 20 twenty and S 20ultra Samsung has been improving the software to ensure that the operating system runs efficiently., maybe even 1000, But if you play these most demanding titles on GPUs of 100 to 150 GPUs, I mean you have to I really think that this software bottleneck is on the A51 may be a lighter version of Android that would give less resource-intensive a better experience than I really recommend picking up the six-byte key or key purchase version, so you can find one because it should help with quite a lot of performance or multitasking performance on this phone and more on the side,

The battery life has been phenomenal on the A51, let me had a great experience the same story goes with this smartphone, You shouldn’t worry about battery life when you can easily push it to 2 days of Use and it’s a win-win last thing I want to cover here is the display of the camera. A fifty-one comes with a set of quad cameras, but with only two cameras you really care about are the 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and the standard 48-megapixel wide-angle, you don’t get a telephoto lens, but there’s a 5-megapixel depth sensor for picture mode and a 5 megapixel and macro camera let’s start with something ultra-wide that you need to be aware of, they said there’s absolutely no focus control to use when you use this lens, which is disappointing.