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Surco is a well established leading organization in the Middle East Region and is looking for professional security guards with excellent customer service and security skills to join our team providing security services at our customer’s facilities located in UAE. The role will be divided into two topics: Security guard and patrol guards at the ports of entry – both have the same responsibilities and will work on a rotational basis throughout the contract.

Professionals with a valid basic Australian government security revision agency (AGSVA) Security Level Clearance and appropriate certificate II in security operations are invited to submit an expression of interest for the role.

It is a rewarding opportunity to be part of an extremely successful and established contract where our clients have trusted us to help them achieve their goals in this field.

Security Guard
Security Guard

The recruitment contract for this position is subject to award.

Security officer responsibilities:
Maintains a safe and secure environment for customers and employees by patrolling and monitoring the premises and staff.

Security guard functions:
Secure premises and personnel by patrolling the property; monitor surveillance equipment; inspect buildings, equipment and access points; allow entry.
Gets help by sounding the alarm.
Prevents loss and damage by reporting irregularities; notifying violators of policy and procedures; and restricting intruders.
Controls traffic by directing drivers.
Prepares reports by recording observations, information, incidents and monitoring activities, interviewing witnesses and obtaining signatures.
Maintains the environment by monitoring and regulating building and equipment controls.
Maintains the stability and prestige of the organization by complying with legal requirements.
Ensures the operation of the equipment by meeting the requirements for preventive maintenance, following the manufacturer’s instructions, troubleshooting malfunctions, requesting repairs, evaluating new equipment and technologies.
Contributes to the team’s effort by achieving the corresponding results as needed.
Skills and qualifications of security officers:
Related to weightlifting, monitoring skills, uncertainty, judgment, fairness, reliability, emotional control, integrity, safety management, professionalism, reporting skills

Security guard
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