How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency

I created a Social media marketing agency and I need customers. I don’t have a network of business owners. Right now, I’m cold calling. So do you recommend someone to start a BB business?”Making a fortune is a problem because if you start a B to B business, you start a social media marketing agency and you have a problem using social media to attract customers, do you see a problem with it? It’s kind of like you’re trying to teach someone to quit smoking and you’re smoking. So you can think about starting an agency, there is nothing wrong with starting an agency. But I say that if you haven’t done it, you can’t even do it for yourself, How can you do it for others? I think this is an integrity issue. Assuming you have the expertise, assuming that’s what you can do, how do you get started when it comes to social media marketing? And I know, if you look at it, you might be thinking about using social media to grow your business, promote your products and services. I give you a three-step, step-by-step formula.

The Three steps are very simple. Number one: find out where they are. Find out where your favorite customers hang out. Where are they? Are they on LinkedIn? If you sell B to B, I think LinkedIn is a very powerful platform because there are so many companies on LinkedIn. Facebook Instagram is the way to go, YouTube is the Instagram Snapchat or Twitter to go. Facebook Instagram is the way to go. Whatever you choose. But first, you want to be very, very clear who your ideal customers are. Who are your ideal prospects and where do they turn around? Where are they, out of this vast ocean of the internet and this information highway? Where do they spend their time?

Social media marketing

First, find where they are dragged? Where are they? And number two: you want to put yourself in front of them. When I say to be in front of them, it is among all these platforms that you want to choose one. One of the worst things you can do is try to access all of these platforms. Instagram Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, you try everything. Instagram Facebook, YouTube, linked you have Instagram Facebook you have your Twitter, your Facebook, your YouTube, your Instagram, LinkedIn, you try to do all. When you try to do this, you will fail one hundred percent, because each channel, each platform has its own uniqueness. You have to market the audience in a very different way. The way you talk to them is very different. Unless, like me, you’ve grown up to the point where you have a big team to do all these things when you’ve just started, choose one. Choose one. Maybe it’s YouTube.

maybe it’s Instagram. Maybe it’s LinkedIn. Just choose a platform. And you focus on this platform, and you focus on mastering and understanding this platform. And you can learn everything on this forum. As you do your marketing, create content, add value, you will learn, when the market works, you will get feedback? Then you can improvise from there. Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram you want to go to the market on Instagram, you want to know the master Instagram on Instagram, Instagram you want to market on Instagram, to master Instagram, to know Instagram say, you want to market on Instagram, want to know Instagram. Instagram you get all the damn program courses you can on Instagram,

Instagram. Instagram on Instagram every book you can read on it. And you are in control of that. And implement ideas. And you go back and apply. You think, learn from it and you apply. This is how you go with social media marketing. Don’t try them all, right? Touch everything, owning nothing. Number three: it’s that simple. You’re selling them something. Come again? That’s right. You’re selling them something. You need to sell something in exchange for money. You can’t just follow social media and hope that maybe one day it will turn into money. I have a friend. I will not name anyone. She is a top, one of the best influencers in Canada, on social media, as the top ten, magazines (clap hands) present her as the top ten in terms of impact. He has broken down and earns less than $30,000 a year. It looks glamorous, it looks like there are a lot of followers, we can’t make money. And when I was talking to her privately and she was crying, she was like, ” I’ve done it, I’ve made content, and people think I’m very successful.

Social media marketing

I have this massive social media following. I can’t even pay my rent. “I said, When was the last time you sold something to your audience? She said, ” Well, I don’t want to sell anything to my audience. They think I’m selling. I don’t know if I should sell something. I can’t talk about that. I’m about to lose my audience. “This is the wrong attitude. The sole purpose of being on social media is to do business. Some people use social media for entertainment, I think, poor, broken, they use social media for entertainment. I use social media for profit. I’m not on social media for fun. I am on social networks to build my brand, to grow my business, to make a profit. This is the only healthy reason for being on social media. As a reward for this, I will have an impact on millions of people. But I’m not focusing on the fact that I use social media as a tool, as a vehicle to grow my society, point, point. So you have to think about it. What is your intention, what is your result? You have to be very clear that you are there. What are you doing instead of doing lots of activities and posting and liking and all that? You have to sell them something.

If you can’t overcome it, you have problems with sales. You will always struggle to make money on social media. You have to associate with turning off social media. And that’s what I do. I teach to close tickets. By the way, if you have not participated in my brand new master class, click on the link below, or somewhere here, I will ask my team to set up a link. Join me for a free two-hour master class. I’ll go deeper into closing tickets. How do you use some of these things? How do you actually sell your products and services without running into a snake oil vendor and squishy and sneaky? How do you make people want to buy from you? That’s what I teach. So let’s go through three steps. Find out where they are, who they are. Number two: stand in front of them. And number three: you’re selling them something. It’s so simple: one, two and three. Do not complicate things. It’s not so complicated. It’s not, right? This is not the case. Like fishing. You go where the fish is, here is the bait, and you get a fish. And you eat. It’s that simple. Find out where they are. Stand in front of them. And sell them something. That’s it.