What Is Email Marketing-Complete Details

What is email marketing? So let’s define it a little, dig it up and explain why it is so important. So what is email marketing? Email marketing is a tool that allows us to do two things. One First is to provide value to users as content. And two, direct users through every step of the customer journey or sales funnel when they are blocked, no. That’s why we use it in these two ways mainly when we talk about digital marketing. Email marketing is arguably the most digital marketing channel. Personally, I like Search Engine Optimization, SEO. I have been doing SEO for over 10 years, but as we grow this business more and more, I have realized that email marketing is incredibly important and generally the lowest digital marketing channel. And there are many reasons for this, and I want to talk about it, no. Not everyone is on Facebook, not Facebook. Not everyone is on Snapchat.

There are a number of different social channels. But everyone has an email address, and this is so important. Your mailing list, you as a marketer, or you as an entrepreneur, or as a business owner, as you develop your mailing list, this mailing list can go with you, no. This is portable property. So there are so many digital marketing channels that change very dramatically or they die, no. So what is worth today is not necessarily the value of tomorrow, okay. The number one ranking on Alta Vista in 1997 was fantastic. It was probably great for any business. This is no longer so important. Does Alta Vista also exist? The most doping is the MySpace page. In 2002, it was probably very good. It probably doesn’t matter that much anymore, no. So spam the path of development through sociologists. They learned it the hard way. He did this with Farmville five, 10 years ago. I had a very early development,

Email Marketing

then Facebook changed the rules with social invitations, and their stock price also slipped. It was a very difficult break for them. Prayer does not change Google rules. Media on demand was originally made public by some kind of low-quality content marketing, and then Google’s Panda update really hit them, and their stock price also fell very dramatically. So the rules change all the time, no. Google and Facebook Facebook can change their rules at any time. Different social networks can develop and contrast all times. Things can often change a lot, no. But email does not change often. This is not a social channel, no. It’s a web protocol, and I want to talk a little about that and what makes it different, it’s true. So, on the internet there are protocols and applications, no. Web applications are many of those private companies that you use every day, no. Instagram Facebook, Google, Yelp, Instagram, Snapchat, and MySpace are web applications Instagram Facebook, Google, Yelp, Snapchat and MySpace are web applications. And they often sit on top of web protocols. When we talk about web protocols, we are talking about Domain Name Service DNS. You can use HTTP, FTP, IRC, SSL, or SMTP.

These are all kinds of standardized digital communication platforms, effective digital communication languages, which we all use on a daily basis. They are not necessarily owned by a private company. These are types of standards when we use the internet. SMTP is not in an email. So when you do email marketing, you use the SMTP protocol. You do not use facebook’s terms of service or goggle’s terms of service. facebook you do not use facebook’s terms of Service. That’s really a significant difference, and that’s why your mailing list is actually that portable asset that runs with you, right. For companies to change their rules, platforms can be unpopular, but protocols don’t really die. People are really excited about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies now because some people are saying, ” This is a new protocol for money,” right. Protocols are really rare. They are very attractive and very interesting,

that’s right. So keep that in mind, right. Companies change their rules, platforms can become popular, but protocols do not really die. So unless people stop using email, unless people use SMTP, your email list is a portable asset. There is a very good chance that we will still have emails in 25 or 50 years. So it’s really important to build now, no. Let’s talk a little about the details here, that’s right. When we talk about email marketing there are actually only three different types of email. Transaction email content, email, and conversion mail. We’re going to dive a little into these things here. The first is transaction emails, so let’s see some examples of transactional emails. It can be things like receipts, no. You buy something on Amazon, you get a transaction Receipt. Maybe an order confirmation, Forgot password, support ticket, sign-up details, your dual mailing list sign-up and unsubscribe, or maybe shipping details. These are all transactional things. Maybe a user is doing something on your site and you give them updates via email. Next comes your content email. So a content email will look like a welcome email.

Email Marketing

Maybe you get their email address or they’re just registered as a customer, right. This is a new blog. Maybe something like a new blog post. “Hi everyone. We just published this new blog post, no. So look at it.”A lead magnet or a sequence of values, something like your newsletter. Your weekly or monthly newsletter, any type of social publication or reminder of social publications. “Hey, check out this post on Facebook. Facebook “” free tool or exclusive content, any content you create is a content email. And the third is a conversion email, no. So, any kind of promotion, sales, lead magnets can also be in this group. If you launch a new product, improve users, offer discounts, create an affiliate, something like that will be a conversion email, usually when the money changes hands.

Okay, so we talked about three different types of email. Let’s talk a little about the distribution of emails. So there are three different types of email, but there are actually only two ways of delivery or at least two that you should focus on right. Usually, it is broadcast email and automatic email, no. So there are two different types of email. Most of your emails should be automated, no. If you now do most of your emails as manual delivery, in general, for most businesses, this is not ideal, no. Sometimes this makes sense, especially if you are small, no. But in general, most of your emails should be automated, no. Let’s first talk about these differences. The first broadcast is email. So you only need to deliver two types of emails; great content tailored to your complete list and one-time promotions, right. So, in general, when you create something absolutely amazing, and you want to tell all your viewers about it, very well. Go do a show. Or, if you do some sort of seasonal promotion of Ora time box, Christmas 2020, or something seasonal, you go ahead and do it as a show. That’s all right. Everything else should be automatic, based on user actions,

correct. So, in general, you want to automate emails that users are doing on your site. It allows you to send content and messages which is more specific and relevant to users than relevant. Instead of blowing up what you have, you want to send them emails based on what they are interested in, and what they do on their site, no. Therefore, examples of automatic emails can be receipts, order confirmations, forgotten passwords, welcome emails, a sequence of values. Perhaps giving up the cart, well, if they add a product to the cart and then leave. Lead magnets or elevations. And you want to do it the relevant way that is based on the actions performed on your site. So it really is. We just wanted to have a very high-level overview and answer the question ” What is email marketing?”Then that’s it. I hope it was helpful.